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  1. Hi, I would like you to help me fix my Samsung galaxy note 3 charging port. It is lose and has stopped charging.

  2. I’m iPhone 5 won’t turn on or charge it just does the charging sound over and over again! No sure what wrong with it

  3. Sir, I have a LG V10. I cracked its glass. You can only view it if you look at it from an angle. The touch works fine! Which component is to be replaced? The LCD or Touch or Glass! Because everything works fine. Please help me! I mean are the glass and the touch screen or LCD connected. Do I have to replace or get a new one or what

  4. Yes it’s the easiest to replace the whole screen. The LCD and glass are together in one piece. That’s what I show to do in my video here https://youtu.be/H5VDlpRFBKY and when you are there watching the video I have link in the video description below the video where you can find the screen and tools etc. thanks.

  5. I would try replacing the battery first and see if that takes care of it. If not I would try replacing the charging port next.

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